BlockSchool Student Projects - Week of May 22

Each week Tony will be discussing and showcasing awesome student projects in BlockSchool. He will walk through how each project was created, and the underlying concepts that were taught. For context, most of BlockSchool's students are between the ages of 6-8 currently. Since we are still in the process of adding features and concepts to BlockSchool, Tony still teaches using Scratch and other resources sometimes.

Please note: Nothing other than the child's first name will be shared - no photos, videos, or last names will be shared!

1. Mila's Yeti Cell & Safety Pod [Age 6]

Goal: The goal with this project was to (1) contain the yeti, so he can't attack Mila at night, and (2) build a safe house just in case other creatures come out at night.

Concepts: Loops with multiple commands within each iteration. While kids are quick to understand how to repeat a single command many times, this concept is a little trickier:

I've found the best way to teach the power of loops is to let kids discover the tedium of doing things manually first!

2. Trevor's Scratch Maze [Age 8]

Goal: The goal with this project is to build a maze.

Concepts: The maze introduces concepts like:

  1. X-Y coordinates
  2. Multiple event listeners (not just one "On start" trigger)
  3. Variables to keep track of things like the score

Trevor is one of my older students, so I wanted to give him something new and challenging. Although I prefer teaching in BlockSchool (kids enjoy learning a lot more when gamification is incorporated!), we are still in the process of adding certain features that Scratch has.

3. Ashton's Tarzan Trees [Age 6]

Ashton was working on the same "Yeti Containment" project as Mila, but he came up with a very different solution.

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