Learning to Code: The Cure for Roblox Addiction?

So your kid is addicted to Roblox?

So your kid plays Roblox all day... Don't worry, this is not uncommon! In fact, Roblox is the most popular kids game on the planet right now. It has over 65 million monthly active players!

Is all of that time wasted? It depends. Given Roblox is a marketplace for millions of games that other kids and teens create, it's hard to say what is productive screen time vs. unproductive.

Nonetheless, what if there was a way to change that unproductive Roblox screen time into productive coding time?

There is a way! It's by introducing coding to your child!

But it's not through Roblox because the tool the company created is too difficult for kids under 13. It just has way too much going on. I teach hundreds of kids how to code and all of them say, "I wish I could code games on Roblox, but it's too complicated."

This is why I built BlockSchool. BlockSchool is a game-building tool much like Roblox's Studio that enables kids to build fun games and play with their friends... All within a well-thought out computer science curriculum.

Not sure if your kid has the grit to work through a coding curriculum?

That's why we have tutors from top colleges and companies like Stanford and Facebook available when you want them! We conduct classes via video chat so you don't need to even drive them anymore.

If that sounds at all interesting, we're offering discounted trial classes for just $10 with me, the CEO. You can find the trial class here on our website: https://block.school